It's Easy to get Started

How it Works:

1) Register.

2) Select the sneaker you want to buy or bid for its shares. Each pair is broken into 100 shares, so if you want the shoes shipped to you, you must purchase all 100 shares. You'll be negotiating anonymously with other users who own shares, unless you're an early bird and get all 100 shares at the drop. Sign up for our newsletter or check back often to see when the next drop is.

3) Select the number of shares you want to buy or bid for and the price, then check out. After you purchase shares, you'll have the option to cash out anytime via your portfolio page.


You make money by buying shares, then selling them for more than what you paid. You can list your shares at any price you want. Share prices rise and fall based on what other users are willing to pay for them. If someone wants to own a pair of sneakers bad enough they'll likely pay a premium for the shares you own. If this happens, congratulations, you flipped your shares for a profit and can cash out anytime.

You can buy shares by 1) either paying the full “Lowest Ask” or 2) by placing a “Bid” for up to 100 shares at whatever price you think is fair, and waiting to see if a share owner accepts your Bid. Be sure to check the “Highest Bid” and “Lowest Ask” (what others are bidding and asking for those same shares) on the market by clicking on the sneaker you’re interested in.

It's like flipping sneakers, except you don't have to worry about a plug, shipping, bots, online raffles, fraud, or high fees. You can literally make money while you sleep. All you need is $5 (the minimum deposit amount) to get started. Click here to sign up/sign in, make a deposit and start trading.

If there are sneakers or sizes you want to see, let us know.

Happy trading!