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About Us

Early on we recognized the benefits of bringing new technology to the sneaker resale market. We’ve drawn from our decades of experience in financial technology and the sneaker industry to create an electronic exchange where our users can safely and securely trade sneaker interests 100% electronically.

We built our exchange so anyone (anywhere) interested in trading sneakers can do so inexpensively, in a fair and transparent marketplace. The building blocks of our exchange are integrity, security and ease of use, ensuring a positive experience for all. Our patent-pending technology enables our users the potential to profit from their sneaker-related knowledge and experience.

We invite you to sign up for a trading account today. You’ll receive email instructions after you sign-up.


Arkiv is an exchange built so sneaker enthusiasts everywhere have a place to profit from their sneaker knowledge, similar to how Wall Street traders profit from buying and selling stocks.

It's simple! Sign up for an account, browse our kicks and buy and sell shares as you see fit. We break each pair of sneakers into 100 equal shares, so you can invest and diversify with as little as $5. Share prices rise and fall based on users buying and selling activity. The best part is you don't have to deal with the mail or wait for days, or even weeks to be paid out.

If you want a pair of sneakers shipped to you, you must accumulate all 100 outstanding shares on the exchange. Once you do so, we’ll ship your kicks.

Currently we list new snekers every month, but that occasionally changes. Be sure to check your email and follow us on social media - that’s how we announce new drops.

Either at our secured, fully insured warehouse, or at one of our regional partner warehouses, to ensure speedy shipment.

Once we list a pair of sneakers and shares are purchased, every user who owns a share is part owner of that pair of sneakers. Once a user accumulates all 100 outstanding shares of a pair of sneakers, that person is 100% owner of the sneakers.

Yes, we’re always looking for ambitious social media and event ambassadors, in addition to some home office roles. Send us an email to find out more.

All you need is a PayPal account, and the desire to profit from your sneaker knowledge.

There’s money to be made in every size and style of sneakers we list. However, our size and style selection criteria are based on user requests. If there’s a specific size or pair of sneakers you want to invest in or own, email us or DM us. Unless it’s a crazy, rare make and model, we do our best to list what our users request.

We take an average price of the main secondary resale markets and discount it, so everyone has a shot at investing and owning.

We charge 3.5% of the value of each trade. We're considering a flat fee for our volume traders.

We pay out at the end of every business day.

We offer full refunds on a case by case basis.

We only list deadstock, unworn 100% authentic sneakers, unless otherwise stated.

All Arkiv items are guaranteed 100% authentic. We pay experts to inspect and authenticate each pair listed on Arkiv. In some cases sneakers are direct from retailers with receipts.

We still buyout collections on a case by case basis. Email us to find out more.