Why Choose Arkiv

Safety and Security

We’ve built in cutting edge security measures into our system.

Instant Exchange

Funds are transferred instantly once user orders are executed.

Expert Support

Have questions? We typically respond within 24 hours.

How It Works

It's easy to get started

How it WorksWithdrawing Funds
  • Sign in to your account here
  • Click ‘Portfolio’ on the top menu bar
  • Click the red ‘Withdraw’ button in the top sneaker box
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw in the ‘0.0 field’
  • Enter the PayPal email you want your funds sent to
  • Click the red ‘Withdraw’ button. Withdraw requests are batched and processed daily.

About US

Early on we recognized the benefits of bringing new technology to the sneaker resale market. We’ve drawn from our decades of experience in financial technology and the sneaker industry to create an electronic exchange where our users can safely and securely trade sneaker interests 100% electronically.

We built our exchange so anyone (anywhere) interested in trading sneakers can do so inexpensively, in a fair and transparent marketplace. The building blocks of our exchange are integrity, security and ease of use, ensuring a positive experience for all. Our patent-pending technology enables our users the potential to profit from their sneaker-related knowledge and experience.

We invite you to sign up for a trading account today. You’ll receive email instructions after you sign-up.

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Frequently asked Questions

  • Where is my money while I trade? In a separate, fully insured, FDIC commercial bank account.
  • How do I get my kicks? Once you accumulate 100% of a pair of sneaker’s outstanding shares we ship them to you.
  • How do you protect against malicious acts? Every trade is anonymous, and we built-in cutting-edge security protocols to prevent malicious trading behavior.
  • Can I return sneakers mailed to me? We consider returns on a case by case basis, but if the shoes have not been worn we typically accept returns.
  • Are your sneakers deadstock and authentic? YES, every pair listed on our exchange are 100% authentic and always deadstock.
  • Is your exchange mobile friendly? Yes. We’re also working on an app. In the meantime, it’s best to turn your phone to landscape mode while trading.
  • How long does it take for me to receive my withdrawal? We process withdrawals at the end of every business day, straight into your PayPal account.
  • How much are your fees? Only 3.5% per trade.
  • How often do you list new sneakers? We don’t have a set schedule at the moment. We do however have a queue of thousands of pairs in all sizes we’re preparing for listing now.
  • How will I know when a new listing is coming? We send out an email notification and post new listings notifications on our social media (IG, Twitter and FB) hours before the Initial Public Offering (IPO), so be sure to follow us.
  • Are you hiring? We’re always looking for talent, email your resume with the subject line “Team Arkiv”.
  • Where can I find instructions? Visit our YouTube page here for instructional videos.
  • How many shares is each pair of sneakers broken into? Each pair is broken into 100 shares, so one share of a $900 pair of sneakers will initially be listed for $9.

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